Serving the Bay Of Plenty & Hauraki/ Coromandel Areas 

We have 3 seasons of Orchard Maintenance Experience. Our team is very adept at Girdling & Pruning, the 2 most skilled areas of Kiwifruit Orchard Canopy Maintenance.

If Pruning is done incorrectly, a low bud count (males & females) will result in lower fruit yields in addition to lower pollination rates. Canopy density will be either too thin (sun burn on fruit and low/high Brix) or too dense (higher likelihood of fungal infections and low Brix while fruit ripens due to lack of sunlight/ aeration). Pruning is a skilled job which contributes to harvest yield. 

Girdling is perhaps the most costly job if done incorrectly. Vines/ trees are likely to die due to deep girdles and shallow girdles results in poor fruit growth/ taste. In both instances large monetary losses result by incorrect girdling procedures.

Girdling progresses fruit ripening/ growth by upto 4-6 weeks if done properly. It will also improve the overall taste of the fruit if done properly.

Our Team takes great pride in ensuring our work is of the highest quality- we have total faith that the work we do will yield a superior result for our clients without incurring monetary losses.